Parents – The football program needs your help to be successful.  There are many different opportunities to get involved.  Please contact  Coach Schwander if you are available to assist (616-648-0383 or

Volunteer opportunities include:


PARENT APPAREL  (throughout the year)

If parents are interested in ordering apparel, the program will need someone to coordinate.

MEMORY BOOK (throughout the year)

If you saw last year’s memory book, you will understand how much the players, coaches and parents enjoyed this momento.

SUBS, SNACKS, & HALF-TIME DRINKS  (throughout season)

This is an opportunity to deliver the subs that will be ordered for boys at their “away” games.  This is nothing more than bringing the food to away games.  One or two people needed.


This is an opportunity to cook and serve meals to our team during the first practices of the year when they are really being pushed.

TEAM MEALS  (throughout the season)

This is an opportunity to serve meals to the varsity team on Thursdays after practice.  This is a great bonding time for the team and fun opportunity to get to know the team.

  • could use 4-5 people
  • doesn’t have to be same people every week

HELMET SIGNS  (before season)

Each new varsity player will receive a personalized helmet sign for their yard.  Helmets are already cut, just need to be painted.  Helmets must be complete by the Steak Fry in August.

MOTTO BOARDS  (before season)

This is an opportunity if you are creative and are good with woodworking or other design capabilities to make the motto signs for the team.  This will have the team’s motto for the year and will help set the tone for the season’s battle cry. We try to make three boards – one for weight room, one for varsity locker room and one for Coach Schwander’s classroom.

If you are able to use a computer then you are a candidate for this position.  You will be responsible for updating photos, articles, and scores for

STEAK FRY  (week before season starts)

This is always a great start to our season and is the perfect opportunity for our team to connect to the community.

  • Food prep
  • Grilling
  • Cleaning
  • Set up
  • Tear down
  • Ticket sales